Character Creation List

Character Creation List

  1. Choose a race. Write down any racial powers or traits.
  2. Choose if your character can swim or not.
  3. Choose age category and notate any modification to attributes.
  4. Choose a background. Write down any traits and bonuses the background provides.
  5. (Optional) Choose hindrances. A character may have one major or two minor hindrances.
  6. (Optional) Choose a profession. Write down any traits and bonuses from the chosen profession. If a profession is not chosen, the character gains +5 skill points.
  7. Roll for Luck attribute. Roll 4d6, keep the three highest. Then roll on the Mystical Stars and Constellations Chart for the specific luck bonus.
  8. Place the attribute array of 8, 8, 8, 13, 12, and 8 to the attributes of your choice. Add any bonuses from the age category.
  9. Add a bonus of +1, three times, to any attribute of your choice, with no more than a +2 in one specific attribute.
  10. Roll on the Life Path for your character’s background.  Then add any traits, attribute bonuses, or skill points.
  11. (Optional) Spend any Hindrance points on Talents for your character.
  12. Choose skills.
  13. Purchase any remaining gear and finish character sheet details.
  14. (Optional) If not starting at zero level, choose a class for your character. Update any skills, saving throws, etc.
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3 Responses to Character Creation List

  1. Steel says:

    Love it! I’m gonna use this as soon as i can when my DnD Game gets upgraded to the new edition next time they level.

  2. Steve says:

    Considering this is for DnD Next, I’m gonna use this too (if you do not mind), I’m really looking forward to using these rules and letting my players have fun with imagining the new ways to justify their choices

    • Vokarius says:

      Use away. I may modify it a bit as it is kind of a living document. I have gotten the modify and home brew bug ever since DnD Next was started. I am (slowly) working on races also and I have a trait list. I do not care much about complete balance as long as no PC is overpowered versus another PC.

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