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M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 51 – Financial Crisis

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  1. Hey, I’ve been listening for a bit, and I was wondering where this website with pictures you guys have been referencing is.
    Anyway, I love this Actual Play, and you guys are doing a great job!

    • It is a website that we do not use so much for comments, but just to keep a log of information. This includes characters, names of Arcs, city info, etc. I am working on cleaning up for posting. However, life so far has gotten the better of me on this task for the past few months. We will see how far I get on this attempt.

  2. I’ve been listening for a bit, and I must say that I love this Actual Play, you guys are Great! Anyway, I have a question. In several episodes, you reference a webpage with pictures of characters in the campaign. Where is that?

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