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Favorite Movie Lines

Join Ethan and Aaron as they discuss, not Hitchcock films, but favorite movie lines ever!! some will shock, some will surprise! but mostly it’s what you’d expect from us! just cool lines from predictable movie choices!


One Shots KantCon 2012 – Call of Cthulhu – The Iron Ghost

All aboard! Investigators will climb aboard B and M #119, a two-day express train bound for Philadelphia from Arkham, MA.

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One Shots KantCon 2012 – Call of Cthulhu – Cluethulhu

Boddie manor has been the subject of supision and interest for sometime since the disappearance of it's former master, Mr. Boddie, Explorer, archeologist, renowned collector of antiquities, and somewhat madman. The manor in ill repair and deserted, has been confiscated by the city of Arkham. The city has tried to auction the home several times in the last 30 years but the owners shortly
after moving in have all gone mad or died leaving the manor deserted. Wanting to solve the mystery the city has put out a public statement that if anyone can solve the mystery they will be given a generous percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the manor. Your interest has been sparked, you are in. Solve the secret, stay alive and the money is yours.