Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Gamer’s Haven Episode 19 – Worldbuilding – Empires, Society, and Culture

To make up for being absent the last two weeks, this episode is extra long to satiate you ravenous hordes of fans ... but, we talk about Empires, Society, and Culture today, including the impact of different races and the effect of them on society, amongst other things.


Gamer’s Haven Episode 18 – Worldbuilding – Creation and Creation Myths Part 3

We wrap up mythology in today's episode. We also hit on some feedback we got, as well as discussing creating history of your world.


Gamer’s Haven Episode 17 – Worldbuilding – Creation and Creation Myths Part 2

Finally, we get back to the religion, gods, and mythology of a world! Creating gods, myths, and a religion comes into the conversation, as well as cultural isolation. In this part, we focus on Gods ...