Episode 107 – After Dark

Recorded a while ago and Ethan forgot to post this … ah, the busy life.

Ethan, Jeremy, and Noah test some new equipment and talk about what they’ve been up to.

Justice City Issue 31 – For What It’s Worth

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Lost but not forgotten! The heroes have a small amount of downtime, and then the Pitbulls go on a crime spree! However, they meet with some unexpected resistance from new heroes in Justice City!

Rippers: Merry Olde London S2E4 – Royal Mummy Throwdown


The session starts with the action packed mummy showdown that was promised at the end of Episode 3. They prove to be a royal pain.

Skills (a work in progress)

Skills Skill Points All characters start with four (4) plus the total of half your attribute modifiers in skill points at first level. Spending one skill point in a skill means you are trained in said skill. Each skill points add a +1 to the attribute roll for the skill … Continue reading

Specific Professions

To carry on from my “Professions” rules, I have some specific professions. Some are still a work in progress. I am also trying to make the world economy function on the silver coin as the common coinage and have read some interesting articles about Medieval Europe and how coin worked. … Continue reading

Rippers: Merry Olde London S2E3 – Keeping Savage Happy


The group has to decide on whether to keep Lord Savage happy by hunting a demon for his collection, or attempting to save an orphan from a dire situation.

Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 29 – Fallen Republic


The Professors arrive in Fronun and see exactly how much damage dragon’s can sow. The once peaceful republic has been turned into a hate mongering military state with a passion for oppressing others. All that is needed to send the goodly dwarfs over the rails is gold and a dash … Continue reading


Professions A profession allows a character to be trained in a set of skills that allows them to perform a job, service, or function where the character can make a consistent salary or amount of money. A profession allows a character to have the knowledge and skill to running a … Continue reading

Character Creation List

Character Creation List Choose a race. Write down any racial powers or traits. Choose if your character can swim or not. Choose age category and notate any modification to attributes. Choose a background. Write down any traits and bonuses the background provides. (Optional) Choose hindrances. A character may have one … Continue reading

Rippers: Merry Olde London Season 2 Episode 2 – Bearings


The Rippers have survived their return voyage and attempt to get their bearings as to what the next major Cabal threat is. Unfortunately for them, the Cabal has already prepped a welcoming party.